Sunday, 6 July 2008

Drinking, playing online and main event day 1

So, since my last post there has been a few mammoth drinking sessions, a few online sessions and i completed day 1 of the main event, just. The first drinking session involved going to the Orleans and playing 1/2nl while ordering White Russians at record pace. The night became super messy with shots of sambuca coming into play later in the night. There were too many funny pots to recall them all but stevie was stuck like $5k in the game, I lost a $2.8k pot to moorman with 2nd pair and moorman had over $3k on the table and managed to lose it all before we left. We headed to the rhino at 7am on Tuesday morning so wasn't exactly busy and somehow made it back home for about mid-day via KFC drive through. The rest of the day was obviously a complete write off with me occasionally moving from my bed in order to get water.

On Wednesday I played online and had a pretty sick day, playing 3 tournaments on stars and making the final of all 3, as well as an 8th place finish in the 100r 6 max on F.tilt. My best result of the day was a 2nd place in the $300 f/o 150k on stars for just shy of $28k, I had massive stack at the business end and played it really well IMO but went a bit card dead at the end and entered heads up with a pretty big deficit. I managed to make the stack a little bit more even with my 800k playing his 1.1m when the final hand occurred. I had JJ and he had A4, basically he called my bet on the flop with a gutshot, then called my big check raise on the turn before binking it on the river, pretty sickening but a nice result nevertheless.

Thursday saw me play day 1a of the main event at the Rio. confidence was high going into this tournament after several good showings so far over the course of the trip. i had a nightmare start dropping from the initial 20k starting stack to 9.5k at the first break mainly from 1 big move where i check raised the turn with and up n down str8 flush draw and put in a pretty big bet on the river when I bricked. I was pretty quickly called by A- high, sigh, and that was a pretty big set-back. I grinded all day long, never getting back above 10k stack until mid-way through the last level of the day when my QQ doubled vs KQ to take me to around 14k. From there I quickly built up to 23k as the guys on my table were playing pretty tight and with 5 mins to go before the end of the day i looked like coming back with a playable stack for day 2 when the blinds start at 250/500. However the most disappointing hand of the day then arrived when I raised KJ UTG and then randomly fired 3 barrels vs some old guy with no pair no draw and left myself with a mere 7450 going into day 2. I have no excuses it was poor judgement and terrible play on my part and will need to get lucky at the start of day 2 in order to have any chance of progressing.

Thursday night after the main event turned into another drinking session including multiple jager bombs. Sunrise swimming then ensued and multiple injuries were incurred but no-one knew until they woke up the next day. Stevie has a massive gash on his foot, and I have 6 or 7 big cuts on my arm as well as several on my feet, o well, nothing too serious, all good fun. Friday was spent recovering again before waking up early today (Saturday) to play the bigger buy in online tournaments. I was really tired after a terrible nights sleep and was really unmotivated and got nothing going early doors and tried to tilt shove out of my last few and go back to bed. However in the $50r I got a lucky treble up and hit a 20k stack at 150 bb and was chip leader so decided to play properly. I one tabled this for the rest of the afternoon and eventually won it for $7.4k or so. That's about all for now, I plan on playing a full Sunday session before a day off on Monday then short-stack my way to glory on day 2 of the main event on Tuesday.


Pud's Poker said...

Nice scores there mate, I run like dog shit on Stars so I'll probably never reach your dizzy heights.

Best of luck at being the short-stack ninja at the WSOP!

Amatay said...

Some funny write up there m8, good pics aswell lol. How much did u pay to rent that gaff in Vegas? Was it expensive? You gotta a link or summat pls? ta

nhggfu said...

nice result paul. In someone else's eye obv.

Pab said...

thanks for the comments guys

amatay, the house worked out at $4.4k each for 7 weeks and was worth every penny imo. link here as well

Amatay said...

Cheers m8