Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Time to reflect

After celebrating new year, and eventually sobering up I had time to reflect about why December was such a bad month for me, worst ever in fact. It would be easy to attribute it to running bad and continue as usual, but i think that would be a little naive and immature of me. The 6 weeks or so prior to December were my best on record for online poker and i think that in turn that set me up for the disastrous December. I have reviewed all of my sessions throughout the month and my play gets noticeably worse and worse as the month goes on and on. At the start of the month I felt invincible and felt all i needed to was turn up and win without any thought or effort.

I did seem to run really bad on full tilt to lose the first $20k or so with some horrendous beats that I wont bore you with the details of. However after that I was obviously becoming frustrated and impatient about how my results were going. I started playing the step 5 SnG's on stars for the PCA and quickly burnt through $8k and no package, wp pab. The rest of the month up to christmas I played pretty badly and was leaking money all over the show, and some bad beats mixed in didn't help my situation in the slightest and just increased my frustration. Christmas came and it was break time, drinking took over and poker didn't figure in my daily routine which was good as the $50k losing month could easily have become $70 or $80k.

Since new year as i said i have reviewed all my sessions to determine the cause of December's atrocities. Yes i ran bad but i made the situation worse by tilting and playing bad. I have watched some Cardrunner's videos, something i haven't done since i went on my super hot streak. I am making a conscious effort to play no more than 4 tables and to give them my full focus and not take winning for granted just because i am a good player.

I hope i have learned from my mistakes in December and will be able to tackle running bad in a more professional manner next time which there inevitably will be. I hope now i will step away from the tables sooner and review my sessions in detail to determine the problem.

I have just played my first real session of poker at high stakes since new year and was very pleased with the way I played and how much more in control I felt. $11k to the good i just over an over was a bonus as well. Some of the 10/20 ad 25/50 players on ipoker are just so bad, im gonna name and shame art113 as the biggest donk on the site IMHO. I feel in a much more positive frame of mind about poker again and am hopeful about stringing some good sessions together.

Thanks for the comments to my previous post. Alex, Ukgatsby and m3boy, thanks for the good luck 08 message, same to you guys too. Busted man ill look your blog up as soon as ive published this entry, so a return link would be appreciated, Snoopy - lol

I think i have rambled enough now, bye for now



George said...

Hi Pab,

Got to say I agree about art113, he's probably on every players buddy list.

Sorry to hear about your bad month in December. Sometimes it can be good to have a wake up call and realise that its not easy to win effortlessly every month, and to never get complacent with your game.

Since June i've been playing generally 2 tables, 3-tables max and my results have never been better. Its really hard to make optimal decisions playing any more than that, and swings are much smaller the less tables you play. My advice - play less tables, have less stress, and you will probably win more. I've not played more than 20K hands in a month for 7 months and its much easier going.

Good luck for the new year.


booder said...

if you need any help with "steps" strategy let me know

best wishes


AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...


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