Thursday, 16 August 2007

Exercise Pokerstars demons (or bust trying)

So, ever since I can remember, I have been a loser in stars cash games. Im talking about every level as well, from $0.5/1 right the way through to 10/20 I never seem to win on pokerstars. Since i started playing the higher stakes, i come across a lot of the same players on stars and full tilt, win big on full tilt and lose big on stars, I just dont get it.

Stars is probably the bigest site, has great curtomer service, good games and the list goes on. So I have $15k in my stars account at the moment, I will start playing 3/6nl, if i get to $20k, ill move up to 5/10, $30k up to 10/20nl try and reach $50k. Until I have gone bust on stars or reached my target I wont be playing casg anywhere else. Just in case anyone wants to take a pop at my BR management, this is not my entire bankroll, just to be clear, lol.

I have no idea how long this will take, especially since I not playing a whole lot at the moment. Does anyone else have a mental block with pokerstars cash games?

I decided to do this after another losing session at 5/10 and 10/20 on stars, putting me down again for the month, great timing after the slight euphoria of my last post. If i go bust on stars ill never play their cash games again, and write it off as a mystery and hopefully keep winning elsewhere, :-)


INeedMunee said...

Good luck mate!

I dont win anywhere on stars Never mind the cash games. Best hand loses everytime lol...

Alex Martin said...

Why bother m8, stars is renowned as the site with the most sophisticated cash game players there are. Kill crypto or ipoker where the standard of play is softer. Its not a coincidence that the 2+2 threads are full of stars hand histories (admittedly they can come across as retarded).

Dont prove yourself against the toughest, take life easy with soft european money.

GL in whatever you do, do you fancy playing gutshot ME?


Pab said...

I play a lot of the same guys from stars on full tilt in the 10/20 games, yet i consistenly lose on stars, and win on full tilt. Once I bust or complete the challenge, ill go back to the european sites, but the timezone im in atm means i cant get online for the good games on crypto and ipoker. Am not gonna be back in the UK till sometime in 2008 I reckon, so will have to pass on the gutshot

toyzzz said...

there are more grinders per game than other sites, people who ain't winning much but aren't losing. They just suck the life out of games.

This causes frustration because they don't get stacked easily and bluff very little. This obviously causes tilt and irrational pokerstars hatred.

Thats what i found anyway.

I play PLO on there only now, fuck knows why because it's so soft in other places but i just love pokerstars.